Volume 1: Chapter 1

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The Magic Library in the Royal Capital is visited by a tremendous number of people.

Half of them are Students, and since the Royal Academy of Magic is located nearby, students with high ambitions come here after school to study and revise for exams.

I'm the only librarian here, so I often interact with the students, helping them find the books they're looking for or helping them with problems they don't understand.

By the way, of course, I am the only one who knows where the door is to enter the forbidden book vault because it is designated as a restricted area. There's no possibility that someone could enter by mistake.

「I wonder if he’s here yet.」

It was the afternoon of the temporary closure of the library.

I was on the 17th floor sorting through books when I sensed a carriage pull up at the entrance to the library and flew to the middle of the building where the spiral shape allowed me to see through to the ground floor.

The space leading to the first floor was very high, and of course, if I landed on my feet, I wouldn't be able to get away without breaking any bones. At worst, I would be dead.

In the past, I've had a few problems with my own health, but now I'm getting better.


Holding the Purple Covered Spell Book, The Chapter of the Thunder Heaven, I immediately cast flight magic upon myself and jumped down.

As soon as I was close to reaching the floor, my body slowed down, and Landed slowly and safely.

Successful Landing.

I closed The Chapter of the Thunder Heaven and opened the entrance to the library.

「 I've been waiting for you, Duke Bernard 」

「 ... Did Her Royal Highness Princess Fiona tell you that I was coming at this time? 」

「 No, we are using sensing magic throughout the library and the surrounding area. A carriage stopped here, so I thought I'd greet you.」

「 Hmm, it's just as Princess Fiona had told me. Although you are still young, you possess a vast amount of knowledge and outstanding magical skills. I'm sure you'll be able to find a solution to our problem.」

「 Duke, let's discuss the details inside.」

「 Yes, of course, but first, let me introduce you to someone.」

The duke turned his hand to a girl who had just stepped out of the carriage.

「 This is my daughter, Sion.」

「 Pleased to meet you, My name is Sion Bernard.」

The girl called Sion was very beautiful.

She has chestnut-colored hair that came down to her waist, and large, slightly round eyes the same color as her hair.

She is probably about 14 years old. She had a slender figure that was appropriate for her age.

She greeted me with a polite bow, and I bowed back to her.

「 Thank you for your kindness, and i apologize for my rudeness. My name is Serel, and I'm the librarian of this library.」

Apologizing for my rudeness in letting the two dukes introduce themselves first, I invited them and a few of their guards into the reception room of the library.

I poured some iced tea that I had prepared in advance into a glass cup and placed it on the glass table in front of the sofa along with some tea cakes.

Now, I'm ready to talk.

I sat down in front of them and took out a notepad, 「 So... how can I help you? I don't think I, a mere librarian, can help the Duke with his problem.」

The Duke had said earlier that he was looking for a solution to a problem, but I felt uneasy.

If you are a duke, you probably have a number of researchers and scholars in your territory, and it would not be surprising if you had such experts to consult with in your house.

I don't like the idea of having a problem brought to me that those people have given up on as impossible to deal with.

But there was no way I could just turn them away.

Well, let's just listen to what they have to say, shall we?

「 Isn't it a bit of a stretch to say you're just a librarian?」

「 What is that supposed to mean?」

「 No need to be modest. you're the only court librarian in the capital and you're entrusted with this library where dangerous books are kept, and that is not normal.」

「 No. In fact, my Mage Book Rank is Notensho Powers. It is not far from the Duke, who has a Zaitensho Sloon, one of the Three Books of the High Order.」

「 You must have read a lot of spell books, studied and trained hard to become a court librarian at that rank.」

I’m Impressed. The Duke nodded, Sion's face set firm next to him.

There are two magical books, a grimoire and a spellbook, that have similar names but are completely different.

A grimoire is the weapon that a mage needs to cast a spell, and it is also the lifelong partner with whom one has made a contract. Although the exact origins are still unknown, there are a number of levels of grimoires scattered around the world, and the higher the level of the grimoire, the more powerful it is.

Ninth Rank: Tensho Angel

Eighth Rank: The Great Book of Heaven Arc

Seventh Rank: Gongtensho Shipparity

Sixth Rank: Notensho Powers

Fifth Rank: Rikitensho Vaces

Fourth Rank: Lord Heaven Book Dominion

Third Rank: Zatensho Sloan

Second Rank: Chiten Shu Cherubim

First Rank: Shitensho Cerafim

The lower level grimoires are relatively easy to obtain, but grimoires of the Lord Heaven Book Dominion and above are often held by famous households in each country for generations, so the number of people who can obtain them is limited.

In particular, there are only six known copies of the Shitensho Cerafim in the world today.

All of them are in the hands of the state, and their very existence is a powerful military force. In fact, there is even a document that says that a single contractor of a Heavenly Book has taken on a whole country by himself.

I'm sure there are many people who have the Notensho Powers that I have, and there are plenty of students who visit the library.

The more you read, the more you understand, the more powerful it becomes.

Once learned, the spell is recorded in the Spell Book, and can be activated. But when you've just learned it, you'll have no power or precision.

It is only through repeated learning and training that magic is honed.

A grimoire is a medium of activation, and a spell book is a way to learn and strengthen magic. This is the way to understand it.

「So, I have come here today to ask one favour of you, such a hardworking and gifted person.」

The duke put his hand on Sion's shoulder and looked at her once before saying.

「I want you to find a way to cure the disease that is eating away at her body.」

「A disease?」

This is becoming a bit complicated, isn't it..?

There are many kinds of diseases. To be honest, I think it's better to rely on a magician instead of me... I'm afraid that its not an ordinary disease. If not, why would you ask for me?

「What's the disease?」

「I think it would be quicker to have it looked at.... Sion, are you all right?」

「Yes, I'm ready.」

After a deep breath, Sion loosened the ribbon at the neck and exposed the area around her collarbone.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

Her skin is white and beautiful.

However, there was one spot on it - a dark purple bruise around the middle of the collarbone, as if a foreign substance had gotten mixed in.

At the very least, it's a symptom I don't even know about. It wasn't a bruise, either. There's no such thing as black blood in humans.

So, this is why...

「It suddenly appeared about four months ago. I don't know the name of the disease. But maybe it's because of this that Sion hasn't been able to make a contract with a grimoire.」

A Disease that makes the contract with a Grimoire impossible? I never heard of such a disease...

「I'm sure it's not an actual disease. It's appropriate to think that something else is having an adverse effect, and as a result, you are unable to sign a contract with a grimoire.」

「I see. So all I have to do is figure out the cause and find a way to remove the bruise.」

「Yes. I know you're a very busy librarian, but can you help me?」

First of all, it's a disease I don't know anything about, and it's going to take a lot of time and a lot of work.

But an unknown disease that I don't know about.

If I don't know anything about it, I'm quite interested in it.

Because of my occupation, I have a greater thirst for knowledge than most people. I want to know the details of Lady Sion’s illness, no matter what it takes.

「Okay, I understand. I'll do some research.」

「I'm very sorry.」

「Before that, do you have any medical records for Lady Sion? I'm sure that when she was examined by the magic doctor, she checked the magic transmission power and generation density in his body, as well as many other things...」

「Oh, I brought it just in case, Here」

He immediately took out an envelope from his pocket and presented it to me.

「These are Lady Sion's medical records.」

「Thank you very much. Thank you very much. The library is closed today, so I'll be doing some research.」

「Please take care of her. Also, if you don't mind, can I leave Sion here in the library for the day? I'm about to have a meeting with someone, and he's not a good person. I don't really want him to meet her.」

「That's fine. The library is closed today and I'm alone. But are you sure? Are you sure you want to leave Lady Sion here alone?」

「You are trusted by Her Highness. I'm not worried about it. I've heard that even if an assailant comes, you'll be able to kick him to the curb.」

「I think you're rating me too highly...」

I'm just doing some research, so I don't think I can give you too much to do.

This place is a library, so there's no lack of books, and you can easily kill a lot of time. There aren't only spellbooks, there's also books about learning and philosophy.

Is it too difficult for a child?

「Sorry about that. It is time to go. I'll come get you as soon as the meeting is over.」

「All Right.」

After that, I saw the Duke off to the entrance and accompanied Lady Sion back into the library.

Now, first of all, I need to find out what kind of condition Lady Sion is in.

With the medical reports in hand, I headed for the eighth floor, where the medical books were kept.

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