Volume 1: Chapter 10

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It was a few days later at night after the commotion.

It was long past the library's closing time, but I was still sitting on the sofa in the librarian's office with a book in my hand.

It was already dark, and I had already finished preparing for tomorrow.

I'm completely prepared to go home, but the reason I'm not leaving yet is because I have a few more things I'm planning to do today.

"I knew it..."

As I finished reading the open pages, I muttered, looked up at the ceiling and let out a sigh.

No, I had anticipated this. I knew that this was likely to happen based on the bits of information I had obtained so far.

But to be frank, if I told the Duke about this, it would be a big problem. No, it's already a big problem, but if we're not careful, all the suspected nobles' heads will be blown off. It's messy. Yeah, it's a real pain in the ass!

"But it's still a trait of Dark Magic, and generally speaking, The Dark system is... curse magic."

The recent massage was performed to release the magic power accumulated in Lady Sion's body. At that time, when the electric current flowed to the spot where the bruise was, it blocked the flow and was repelled.

I thought that maybe the amount of magic power stored in the bruised area was so large that the sudden strong electric current had increased the resistance and caused it to be repelled.

But if you carefully think about it, that's not the case. The magic power in the body is still unchanged, and does not have any resistance to magic that has been converted into a system.

In other words, the reason why it was so potent was because it was converted into some kind of magic - in other words, it was a form of magic.

What made me even more suspicious was the question that Sion had brought up.

The effect of magical resistance amplification based on the system.

It was a well known fact that the combination of darkness and lightning creates the most resistance, but that was exactly what the current was doing to Lady Sion's bruise.

But if my assumption was correct, the curse within her would weaken to a lesser extent. Two systems that are highly resistant and repel each other will cancel each other out if they collide.

Maybe I should check with Lady Sion tomorrow to see if the bruise is still there...

In other words, to confirm my doubts.

"I'm going to use this, aren't I?"

I turned my attention to the small key in my right hand.

However, it's not a key to the back entrance of the library, but a key to a very important and precious thing that Fiona gave me the other day - a key to the door of the library where the forbidden books are kept.

The location of the forbidden book room is never known to the general public, and even those who work at the royal palace know only a few of its locations. The only ones who know where it is are the royal family and the ducal class. This is a top secret. If the outside world were to find out about it, there would be people coming to raid it in the blink of an eye.

But I'm the librarian of this library, and I'm in charge of it.

I'm the librarian of this library, and I've been told where it is under a contract of strict secrecy.

"It's been a while since I've been in there."

The last time I was in there was, I think, three months ago.

Periodically, in order to maintain the forbidden books that emit miasma, I would enter the forbidden book room. At that time, I took the princess, Fiona, as a witness.

At first I wondered if she would be all right, but even if something were to happen, she was a grimoire holder of the rank of Throne of Heaven. She wouldn't fall down so easily if she was hit by the miasma.

She's a strong princess.

After leaving the librarian's office, I created an updraft and ascended to the eighteenth floor at once.

As soon as I landed on the floor, I checked for any suspicious people from the electromagnetic network that was set up throughout the library and outside the library, approached a certain bookshelf where the historical records were kept, put one hand on it and let the magic flow.

Then, sensing my registered magic power, the bookshelf lifted and moved by itself, revealing a magic circle carved on the floor where the bookshelf had just been placed.

This seal, which requires the flow of a specific person's magic power to activate, could not be revealed simply by forcibly shifting the bookshelf.

It's an ancient magic that uses a magic circle that has been passed down from generation to generation.

I stand in the middle of the magic circle and activate it with my magic power again.

The function of the magic circle is to transfer.

The destination is, of course, the forbidden book room, my destination.

The scenery around me is not that of a library as before, but of ruins. The walls are lined with paintings and letters that appear to have been carved into the walls, and I can't imagine how long ago they were.

I walked through them with a lamp in my hand. It's a straight path, so I won't get lost, but it's so dark that it's quite eerie.

Moreover, the closer I get to the forbidden book room, the more dense the magical power that leaks out covers my body, making it difficult for an ordinary person to even stand still.

I'm used to it, so I'm fine with it.

Eventually, I arrived in front of the forbidden book room.

I inserted the key that Fiona had given me into the small keyhole and turned it clockwise.

At the same moment, the countless carvings on the door began to flicker in unison.

This is a sign that the door is unlocked. If you don't go inside for a few minutes, the door will automatically lock itself. I don't know what kind of magic formula they have, but it's definitely an ancient technology.

Once you open the heavy door and enter, you will find yourself in a forbidden book room with a series of stone bookshelves filled with magic so dense you can almost visualize it.

The books are all bound with chains, and the chains also have the effect of sealing.

The bookshelves are divided into different levels of danger. The less dangerous books can only be read by a limited number of people depending on the magic contained in the book, but there are books that are so dangerous that they can take over your consciousness the moment you touch them.

However, the book I'm looking for is not of that kind.

It is a book about Dark Magic - the so-called curse magic.

Books on curse magic are not dangerous, to be exact, but they are kept here to keep them out of the eyes of those who come to the library, since the use of curse magic itself is strictly restricted.

The books on curse magic are not exactly dangerous, but they are kept here to keep them out of the eyes of the library's visitors, since the use of curse magic itself is strictly restricted.

The curse magic is just too powerful.

The haze reflecting the light of the lamp is all miasma leaking from the books. If a person who is not resistant to it is exposed to it, he or she will lose consciousness in the blink of an eye.

Brushing away the mist with my hands, I arrived at the bookshelf I wanted to visit.

"The curse magic is only for... two bookshelves?"

The number of curse spells is still much smaller than the magic that is being spread. There are very few users nowadays, and all the magic is banned, so it must have fallen into decay naturally.

They are all dangerous and many of them are in very poor taste. Well, I guess it's good that there are so few.

I picked up the books one by one, reading them fast and checking out the contents one after the other.

The reason I don't use detection is because this is a forbidden book room. If I use that much magic here, I don't know what effect it will have on the forbidden books.

That's why it's basically forbidden to use magic here, and we never use it unless it's a special occasion.

A few minutes later, I began to investigate.

After a few minutes of searching, I was able to find the book I was looking for for on 30th book, which was a pretty good score.

It contained the effects of implanting a curse into a person's body and its magical formula.

Gradual deterioration. Takes away one bodily function. Unleash magical power. And... will sever the contract with the grimoire... or make it impossible to make a contract.

The last one is the same condition that Lady Sion is suffering from now, but it doesn't specify that it leaves her magical organs impaired. If it's not written here, it's probably a unique magic created by a mage who specializes in curse magic.

"Even if it was unique magic, the likelihood of Lady Sion's bruise being imprinted by curse magic has increased but..."

The problem was that it was a curse.

The only way to break the effects of curse magic is to basically exhaust the magic power embedded in the curse or the death of the magician.

There is only one other way to break the curse... but it is too risky and requires a great deal of skill.

In effect, you have to wait for the effect to wear off... If you wait for that to happen, you'll be starting a new semester, and more importantly, you don't know how much magic is in that curse.

There is only one option left.

"There is only one option left, and that is to burn the sorcerer to the ground and take his life..."

How do we find him?

So far we have no clue whatsoever. If I start now, I don't even know how long it will take... At this point, I might as well give up on trying to find them before the new semester.

Fortunately, if I can help to release the accumulated magic power on a regular basis, it will not be life-threatening.

After putting the book back in its original place, I was about to leave the forbidden book room, when I looked back.

What I saw in front of my eyes was a room where countless chains were left in a state of haphazardly throwing themselves on the floor. Nothing was placed on the pedestal in the center of the room, and the magic circle on the wall had cracked and was now losing its shine. It was a room where one could understand that something had once been there.

I took a glance at the room and left the library without saying anything.

⊰     ✼     ⊱

As I was transferred to the library, I put the bookshelf back in its place and walked down the stairs with my hand on my chin.

Anyway, I should tell Lady Sion and the Duke tomorrow about the possibility of it being a curse, and take some sort of countermeasure. No, using a curse itself is now a crime. I'll have to get Fiona's attention and gather information.

Just as I was about to descend the stairs and enter the librarian's office, I heard a strong knock on the front door of the library.

"What is it?"

There was no way I could have a visitor at this hour.

But I feel that they are in a hurry... I'll check the person's magic with an electromagnetic net, but at least I've never felt magic before. He doesn't seem to have any weapons, but he looks incredibly suspicious.

I went to the door and called out, summoning my grimoire in anticipation of an attacker.

"Who is it?"

A woman's impatient voice replied immediately after my call.

"I've been sent by Duke Bernard! Miss Sion has suddenly collapsed, and the Duke of has asked me to call on Mr Serrel!"

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