Volume 1: Chapter 2

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I went up to the 8th floor, where many medical books were stored, and immediately started to look through Lady Sion's medical reports that I had been given earlier.

I carefully unsealed the envelope and sat down on one of the chairs set aside for reading and study.

Inside the envelope, there were several medical records.

There were 13 in total, indicating that Lady Sion had undergone quite a number of medical examinations. There were detailed descriptions of bodily functions, brain activity, and muscle details.

It must have been hard work. It must have been very tiring just to get one diagnosis, and then to have to go through it so many times... I suppose it can't be helped since its parental love.

「 ... I see. 」

I neatly folded the medical report and put it back in the envelope again.

I briefly went through the medical report and found three abnormalities.

「 Are you aware of any abnormalities in your own body, Lady Sion? 」

「 No, no. I heard the doctor talking to your father, but I don't know much about it.

「 He often uses very technical words, you know. By the way, how are things at school now?

「 I'm going to be a second-year student at the Middle School of Magic this year. In the first year, we only had classroom lectures, so we didn't need to sign a contract with a grimoire, but from this year, that's not going to be the case... At that point, I got this disease. 」

Said Lady Sion, looking sullen.

The magic school near this library is divided into a middle school and a high school.

Children between the ages of 13 and 15 are in middle school, and those between 16 and 18 are in high school.

It is a unique aspect of the training school that each student takes classes that match their level of development.

The first-year students in the middle school are still unable to make good decisions and have difficulty controlling their magic, making them prone to accidents. Therefore, they are not required to sign a contract with a grimoire.

She’s going to be into second year of middle school, which means she’ll be fourteen this year. It seems that my predictions were correct.

「 In the first year of middle school, the basics are the attributes of magic and the details of grimoires, so you don't learn about the magical organs of the body.

「 Magical organs? 」

「 I think you're going to learn it in the future, but let's do a little preparation, shall we? 」

It was so cute to see her tilting her head, but I decided to give her a brief explanation without saying anything about it.

It would definitely come up in the future exams, and deepening her understanding here would be helpful later on. It can't hurt.

「 There are three major magical organs.

The Alecore is responsible for the generation of magical power. The scales carry the generated magic power to the whole body. In terms of organs, and the Bremerde release excess magical power to the outside of the body.

In terms of organs, the Arecore is the heart. The scales are the blood vessels. Bremerde is the skin.

The blood vessels carry the magic power generated by the heart in the bloodstream, and in the same way that the body releases heat, it releases magic power to regulate the amount of magic power in the body.

The basics would be touched upon in the secondary school.

And now that I've explained the magical organs, if I explain Lady Sion's illness in a simple way, she should be able to understand it.

「 Your body is currently in a state where your magical organs are not working properly. 」

「 Eh? 」

Lady Sion was puzzled.

That's a natural reaction, isn't it? If you're unable to make a contract with the grimoire, it means that you cannot become a mage.

「 You can't be a mage without a grimoire. You may be fine now, but in the near future, your physical condition will show signs of abnormality.

「 Such as...? 」

「 This is the first time I've seen a disease where all the magical organs are like this... 」

It's the first time I've heard of this case, and it's probably no wonder that so many different magical doctors have thrown it out. I have no idea how to treat it, and magical organs are incredibly delicate compared to other organs. The worst that can happen is that the organ itself may die if it is treated badly.

The duke has brought me a very difficult job.

No, in this case, the one to blame is Fiona. It was she who introduced me to him, and she shouldn't have said that it would be all right if I left it to her without asking for details in the first place. I guess it's a sign that he trusts me.

Next time I see him, I'll tell him that I don't want to see her anymore... I'll be mean.

「 However, it wouldn't feel good to give up in front of Lady Sion who is suffering from this disease. Now that I've given my word to the Duke, I'll do what I can.

「 Is there a way to cure it? 」

「 I don't know yet, but I'll do my best to find out. The first step is to cover all of the medical books on the eighth floor...《 Ramiel 》 」

I summon a spell book in one hand and float it in front of me, putting magic power into it.

The lightning bolt produces a small amount of electrical discharge along with a pale light, making the sound of thunder bouncing off the atmosphere.

「 That is Serel-sama's grimoire... 」

「 Yes, Raitei Dansho (The Chapter of the Thunder Heaven), 6th Rank Notensho Powers, is not very powerful. The ability of the spell book itself is to enhance lightning magic and enhance wind magic. This is also a unique ability. It is a little unusual that there are two forces in a spell book. 」

「 A grimoire with an ability? 」

「 Huh? You didn't know that? All grimoires have their own unique abilities.

Basically, it's only a supplementary system, to strengthen a specific magic system.

However, the books of the Top Three Books have a natural ability, which is very powerful in itself....

Depending on the rank of the book, the ability of the person can be greatly changed.

This was also a distinguishing feature of these grimoires.

「 I specialize in lightning and wind, but due to my profession, my opportunities to use offensive magic are limited. That's why I've learned this kind of magic.

I hold out my hand to the grimoire and mutter.

「 Detection 」 [TL: MTL says its detection device but it dont make sense to me, hmu if u know what '検出デバ' means]

In an instant, purple lightning is discharged from the grimoire and travels across all the books in the library.

The voltage looks extremely high.

However, it doesn't burn the books or even scratch them.

That's because of course, this lightning is non-aggressive lightning.

「 Serel-sama, what the hell was that... 」

「 I'm looking for... here they are 」

In the time that Lady Sion interrupted my question, several books floated towards me from the bookshelf on the eighth floor.

The Books circled me while emitting a pale purple light

I gazed at the grimoire for a while the books circled me, and after about ten seconds, I closed it.

All at once the books which were floating about me flew back to their original places on the shelves.

「 I'm afraid that none of the books in this library contain a reliable cure. If this library, which holds over ten million volumes, doesn't have it then... 」

「 What was that...? 」

I placed my hand on my chin as Lady Sion excitedly asked. what i just did

Well, I said, and cut her off mid-sentence. It's bad etiquette to pry into a mage's magic, but this magic of mine is well known among those who are close to me, so there's no problem with me telling her.

「 It's a magic I created called detection. The books of this world have been written in iron sand based ink since ancient times. The same goes for the mass-produced books that are in public circulation. I've been able to connect them to my grimoire by passing electricity through them, detect the books that contain the things I want, and bring them to me with wind magic. Well, it only works on things I've read once. 」

「 Read? 」

「 Yes. In other words, all the books in this library will be affected by my detection.

Lady Sion was speechless and was unable to utter a word.

Well, of course.

Because what I'm saying is that I've read all of the more than ten million books in this library. Well, actually, I have read them all.

Including the forbidden books.

「 Is this your first time visiting this library, Lady Sion? 」

「 Yes. I've been wanting to come here for a while but my teacher said that the school library was enough for my classes...

「 Oh, well, there you go. The teachers at that school look at me like I'm their enemy. I think they wanted to stop their students from coming here. 」

「 What? Why are you their enemy...?

... I don't like to say too much about it.......

The teachers of that school, who are majority noble-born, tend to look down on people who are not graduates of magic schools.

Of course, they don't do that to their students. In fact, he actively teaches his students and encourages them to become the heart of the kingdom in the future. The reason for this is because he wants to boast, ’I raised this amazing child!’

So, when a few teachers found out that I, a commoner with no education from a magic school, was working as a librarian in this library, and that I was helping the students with their studies, they came to me.

They said things like, 「 You shouldn't be teaching 」 and「 A person with no education shouldn't be a librarian in this library. 」

And I'm not the kind of person who can apologize honestly, so I just said what I felt like saying.

── You can't help but feel sorry for the students who are taught by people with a small magic capacity. In addition to that, having no magic ability...

The teachers were furious.

Naturally, the teachers were furious. But with a word from Fiona, who was with me at the time, they reluctantly, REALLY reluctantly left.

Since then, there have been a few less students coming to the magical library.

「 I didn't know about that... 」

「 Well, I'm not interested in whether the number of students decreases or not. However, I do teach some lessons to the students who come to my library. Obviously only when I have free time. 」

「 Ugh, I wish I had came earlier. 」

「 Please feel free to come here when school starts. But first, we have to find a way to cure Lady Sion's disease. 」

The body itself is healthy at all. We need to find a promising clue as soon as possible.

I picked up the grimoire I had left floating around, and tilted my head at the difficult problem.

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