Volume 1: Chapter 4

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In the end, even after spending all day researching, I couldn't find a way to cure Lady Sion's disease.

In the first place, it would have been impossible to solve the problem in a single day that all the professionals had given up on, but I still couldn't hide my disappointment.

Because I covered all the medical books and magic books in that library, and I had no clue whatsoever.

There was no illness or spell that could impair the target's magical organs. To be more precise, we were able to find illnesses of magical organs, but they were only problems with a single organ, and there was no mention of a simultaneous loss of all function in all three organs.

It also said that the treatment was through medication, but Lady Sion had already tried that and it was a failure.

Also, there was no mention of bruises.

There was no mention of it in the magical texts, so I spent a day reading more than six thousand books in order to find even the slightest clue. I'm Really tired.

I used my Detection Magic to search for specific keywords through Ramiel's Lightning Bolt to energize the books and pick up the books that mentioned the relevant things. I brought it to me. It is possible to read only what is relevant, by highlighting the text on the relevant page with Ramiel's Lightning Bolt.

This magic can only be used to detect books that I have already read.

This magic is quite useful, so it is often used to help people who are looking for a book in the library, and it is a well-known spell amongst the familiar faces of library goers.

You may think that checking thousands of books using this would be done in no time, but this time it wasn't going to be that easy.

Whatever little clue there is, I need to find it.

I was afraid that if I only detected the necessary words, I might miss something important. That's why I covered every single word.

In addition to speed reading, I also used the magic of splitting my consciousness. But reading 6,000 books in one day while also working was exhausting. No, truly. The headache is killing me.

When you consider that a few years ago I used to read more than 10,000 books in a day, you can see how crazy I was back then. I was able to do that because I was splitting my consciousness into 3 parts.

6,000 books a day is not normal... No, I'm definitely not human anymore.

While I was resting from fatigue, the Duke returned from his meeting and took Lady Sion back to his residence in the royal capital.

He said that he would be remaining in the royal capital for a while, so he left me to take care of Lady Sion.

I'm guessing he won't be able to come every day, and I also have a job as a librarian.

I'll have to make sure I find the time to do as much research as possible.

I fell into a deep sleep after contemplating many things just after midnight.

I emerged from a dreamless sleep and woke up at five in the morning. Fiona often tells me that I don't get enough sleep, but I feel that I do. If I fall asleep more than once, a lot of time passes. I'm certain everyone has had that experience where you feel like you've been asleep for five minutes, but in reality, two hours have passed.

To avoid that, I wake up early and get ready for work instead of falling asleep twice.

Wearing my usual librarian's uniform and a black doctoral hat, I left the boarding house and walked through the gloomy morning streets of the royal capital.

The stores on the street are still in pitch black, probably because of the time of the day, which I hesitate to call morning. The only shop that seemed to be lit was a bakery that was preparing its products early in the morning.

If it had been possible, I would have liked to have eaten breakfast at a coffee shop before heading to the library, but I shouldn't complain.

No, I'm normally there much later. The library opens at nine o'clock in the morning, so I always leave the house by around seven o'clock to get ready.

But right now, I want as many clues as possible to cure Lady Sion's illness. I still have a lot of information to gather, so I don't want to waste any more time.

Fortunately, I often sleep in the library, so I've stored some equipment for napping during breaks and enough food for a few days. Hmm, I'm well prepared for such things since I'm mostly holed up in the library. I even eat there.

I reached the back door of the library, took the key out of my pocket, and was about to insert it into the keyhole.

「 Why are you at the library so early? 」

His voice sounded familiar or unfamiliar, I couldn't decide which though.

Well, I'm sure I've heard the voice before, but I don't really see them that often, so I guess I'm not that familiar with it.

I turned around and looked at the person who had called out to me as I adjusted the position of my doctoral hat.

「 Why are you here at this hour? Edsel. 」

「 I was summoned by the captain for early morning training. 」

His name was Edsel Freudian, he breathes a deep sigh.

He is the second son of the Marquess of Freudian, one of the most famous households in the kingdom that has produced many skilled mages. He has one older brother and one older sister, and two younger sisters, I think.

They are all blessed with high magical power and talent, and are very strong. Among them, Edsel was the one with the most outstanding talent in magic, but he told his father, the Marquis, that he would never inherit the family, and he left the family.

He Didn't rely on any family connections, and now he's the ace of the court mages, which is a big deal. Was he 19 this year?

I'll tell you how we first met... later.

「 Training... it must be tough doing it so early in the morning 」

「 Yes!  I still want to sleep. Those men are too rough! 」

「 But the captain called you up because something happened? 」

「 It's a punishment 」

I blinked my eyes.


「 Well... Did you do something? 」

「 When the leader was not there, I told them to train the other members together, and I blew them all away. 」

「 Oh, that's your fault, Be nice to the captain...You're not going to do it. go ahead and sweat it out in moderation. Just don't overdo it 」

「 I'll try my best not to destroy the training grounds. So, why are you here so early, Serel? 」

Well, I wonder.

I usually come later and rarely meet him.

However, I'm hesitant to tell him the details, so I explain the situation a little deceptively.

「 To tell you the truth, the Duke Bernard's daughter has been suffering from an illness, and various magicians have been unable to find a cure. I've been asked to do something about it, so I've been reading up on medical books and magical literature in the library. 」

「 How can you solve a problem that even a specialist has thrown away? 」

「 Yeah? But we have to do what we can. I mean, at least that young lady wants to be cured. 」

「 ....You're still a good guy, aren't you? You're really too good to be a librarian, with your magic skills. 」

Edsel, who grasped my shoulder with his right hand, proposes.

「 It's not too late. It's not too late for you to become a member of our court mage corps. You'll be able to make it to vice commander in no time. 」

「 Come on. I'm just a librarian. It's not that easy... 」

I turned my eyes to Edsel.

No, it's not really that easy of a thing to say, but I think you're giving me too much credit. It's impossible for me to be the Vice Commander.

It's overwhelming.

「 You, the Commander, and the Vice-Commander are all under contract to the Chitensho Cherubim. At that point, it's impossible to be a vice commander. I am Notensho Powers, the difference is obvious. 」

「 That's because you're being unusually serious. Anyway, are you ready? Look at the Time. 」

「 Oh, shit! 」

More than ten minutes have already passed since we started talking.

If he is too late, the Commander of the Court Mages will be angry and come to get him. This thought seemed to have crossed Edsel's mind as he said「 See you! 」and hurriedly ran off.

He's a really energetic guy, really. I can't imagine he's much older than me, the way he talks and acts.

I'm sure he's amazing at magic, but I wish he'd settle down a bit.

「 ...... Let's go eat breakfast. 」

I turned the key that was still in the lock and opened the door to go inside the library.

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