Volume 1: Chapter 5

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I walked into the library and headed straight for the librarian's office, where I had a light breakfast and immediately continued where I left off yesterday.

I read through the magical texts from cover to cover, taking occasional breaks to rest my brain, which was aching from the excessive use of parallel thinking, but steadily going through them.

As I was reading, I thought about how much I missed the books I had read before.

But there are so many books here! I read and read, but I can't seem to finish anything! There's still over half of the magical texts left, there's no end in sight.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to find it.... I'd like to finish it this week somehow, but I don't think I can at this rate.

More parallel thinking? I can have up to seven thoughts going on at the same time.

But the disadvantages are too great. In five minutes, my brain's processing power will reach its limit and I'll be in bed for several days... At most, I can manage three.

Huh, even with two, the headache and fatigue is not half bad.... But I can't change it in time, and here I am determined — the feeling of being stroked by the head.

The next thing you know, the voice of a girl I recognize echoed.

「 What are you doing reading so much in the morning? You look like you haven't had any sleep at all. 」

「 ..... Fiona? 」

「 Yes. It's Her Highness Princess Fiona. Can you see me? 」

Her Royal Highness moved her hands from my head to my cheeks, and as soon as Fiona looked into my face, she looked at me with concern in her eyes.

It's rare that this girl really cares about me.

「 I see you. I'm just tired from a little too much parallel thinking. 」

「 Parallel thinking is a magic that puts a lot of stress on the brain. The number of books you've got floating around is amazing.... How many have you read? 」

「 Like.... 6,500 including yesterday? 」

「 That's crazy, If you read it like that, you're not going to get tired, you're going to go round and explode, you know? 」

「 No, I'm not going to die, but.... I'm a little tired. What time is it now? 」

I've probably been reading for two hours, but I didn't look at the clock.

Fiona sighed, took out her pocket watch and showed it to me.

「 It's eight o'clock. There's still an hour or so before the library opens. 」

「 I see..... Eh? 」

「 Over here.」

Fiona pulled me by the hand and laid me down on a nearby sofa, resting the back of my head on her lap.

The soft touch and the faint smell of perfume tickled my nostrils.

She really is a sweet princess, isn't she?

「 Thank you. I'll have a little rest. 」

「 No. But you look really tired?  Why don't you close the library and rest today? 」

「 I can't do that, you know. There are children who want to study and we don't have a lot of time. 」

There's no problem at this point with Lady Sion's physical condition.

Since I released enough magic power yesterday, I don't think she will have any accumulation problems for a while. However, there's no time to take it easy.

This seemed to give Fiona a sense of what it meant.

「 It's about Sion, isn't it? 」

「 Yeah, She's been suffering from a rather troublesome disease. I'm going through all the books. 」

「 A disease? Ah, that's why Duke Bernard was in such a hurry to ask me about it. 」

「 You introduced me to him without being told the details, didn't you? What did you get asked for? 」

「 He asked me if I knew any smart people who knew anything about diseases. 」

「 You mentioned my name on that question!? 」

A wise man... would have been lost to history a long time ago.

Don't mention the name of a young novice like me as a wise man of our time. That's why the duke had such excessive expectations...

「 Fiona. I've been thinking about this for a while now, but don't let me lift myself too much? I'm not even that good. 」

「 Oh?  That's not true. He is the only court librarian in the kingdom, has acquired knowledge covering all the books in this library, and manipulates lightning magic that is separated from common sense while having the low-ranked Notenshi Powers book. My view of you is not overestimated. 」

「 ...What do you think?  Mrs. Luna. 」

I breathed a sigh at Fiona, who looked straight down at me, and then, after hiding behind the bookshelf, I called to the Knight woman who was guarding us — to be precise, the princess.

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「 I tried to hide my presence, but.... 」

The woman who appeared in a huff was a dragon lady with glowing red eyes.

The red-haired woman with the piercing yet attractive eyes and spear on her back is Luna. She is a knight who is currently serving as the princess's personal guard.

She's not wearing armor right now because it's not war time, but.... no actually, She doesn't need it because the dragon race has a body built for fighting in the first place by being all covered with scales.

「 Where do you think you are exactly? I can detect people in the library even when they're out of sight. 」

「 I apologise but I also think that Your Highness's assessment of you is not excessive at all. In fact, I would say that it is extremely underestimated. 」

「 You're taking Fiona's side, too? Huh, there are a lot of people who are more amazing than me... 」

「 「 I don't think so. 」 」

With that instant response, I closed my eyes and gave up.

No matter how hard I try, my evaluation is not going to change. Then I guess I'll just have to give up.

「 Fiona wants to make me her personal bodyguard. You don't like me, do you? Miss Luna. 」

「 I respect Her Highness' wishes. Besides, there is no such thing as having only one personal guard. In that case, Serel and I will be your personal guards. 」

「 You're right. I'm the kind of person who keeps the very best people close to me, and if I like them, I keep them even closer. That's why I'm recruiting Serel, but I can't.... 」

「 So I'm a librarian...Ah, that's right. What we need to talk about now is Lady Sion's condition. I have to get on with the investigation... 」

「 Not yet. 」

I tried to get up, but Fiona pinned me down by the shoulders and stopped me.

She smiled softly at me as I returned to her lap-pillow again.

「 Stay like this until the end of the hour. That's a royal decree. 」

「 ...I understand. 」

「 You're always pushing himself when I take my eyes off him. 」

「 But if you don't, Lady Sion will, won't she? 」

「 That's that. This is this. Sion doesn't want you to work until you collapse, does She? If you continue to push yourself too hard, I'm going to lock you up in my room in the palace for a while, okay? 」

「 ....What are you going to do? 」

「 ....Oh, don't you dare try to make a girl say something like that! 」

No, I'm just asking what you're going to do to me while I'm locked up....

You are going to do something that you are afraid to say? You pervy princess.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.

「 You two are so close, aren't you? You look like lovers. 」

「 It is unlikely that Fiona, a princess, and I, a commoner, would ever get together. 」

「 ... I agree. It's just not possible. 」

You can't ignore the difference in status.

I wish I could do something to change it, but unfortunately I'm just a librarian.

I Have no opportunity to make a difference... What's with those eyes?

「 You'll never be able to if things stay the same, right? 」

「 ...What are you trying to say? 」

「 Hmm, really? But if I were to say, you have enough to make something as small as a your status... That's all. 」

「 ...... 」

I averted my gaze from Fiona's teasing tone.

She really is a tricky and meddlesome princess.

「 Her Highness Fiona was feeling down during yesterday's meeting, so she is glad to be able to speak with Mr. Serel. 」

「 Luna! 」

「 The meeting?  Speaking of meetings, the Duke said there was a meeting. I think they said they were counts. 」

Lying down, I put my hand on Fiona's cheek.

「 Did something happen? If it makes you feel better, I will listen a little. 」

「 ...That's right... 」

「 What is it? 」

「 Nothing.... Well, I guess I'll make you listen to my complaints. 」

I can feel her looking a bit more happy.

I guess this has been quite unpleasant. Her Royal Highness is having a tough time.

While I was feeling slightly sympathetic, Fiona began to talk while holding my hand.

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