Volume 1: Chapter 6

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Fiona's complaints continued for about thirty minutes.

The contents of yesterday's meeting itself did not seem to be particularly problematic, but what she was concerned about was the nobles who attended the meeting.

It is said that the most stressful thing for people is interpersonal relationships, and I got the impression that there were many concerns unique to nobles who are forced to attend frequent dinners, meetings, parties, and other social functions. Even The Princess, who is usually teasing me to get back at me, is living in a somewhat challenging environment.

「 Well then! I honestly don't want to have any more meetings with Count Granz's family! The eldest son, Reves, looks at us like we're disgusting, and his every word is so aristocratic. It made me think, 'What kind of idiot are you?' A beast in heat, that's what 」

「 It must be hard being royalty 」

「 Yes, it is! Fortunately, Duke Bernard and Marquis Freudian were also there, so I managed to endure... At the end of the meeting, Reves asked me to have tea with him. I got goose bumps because it was so uncomfortable 」

「 You turned him down, didn't you? 」

「 Of course I did. I didn't know what he would do to me. I'm not going to be left alone with anyone but you 」

Fiona looks at Luna, who is smiling, then rests her head on my lap and looks up at me.

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've given her a lap pillow.

I stroked the hair of the princess, who had gone through a lot of stress during yesterday's meeting, not really thinking about it.

The way she looked so so relaxed reminded me of a cat.

「 It's just like you to not be bashful about saying things like that. But even if they try to attack you when you're alone with them, I'm sure you'll be fine, because Luna is right there with you. You yourself are also quite strong 」

「 I don't like it when it is only the two of us. I mean, I'm strong, but I'm not nearly as strong as you 」

「 Well, if you want to be on the safe side, it's best if you don't get together with him at all. If he approaches you, you can make up an excuse and escape 」

「 It would be nice if I could do that, but as a princess, that's not going to happen. I'm the third princess, and I have a lower claim to the throne 」

What can she do about her status?

If Fiona, who is a princess, treats certain nobles badly, it will be a serious problem. The very least she can do is to treat everyone equally. Even so, she is still a human being, so she may have her likes and dislikes. There are always those who don't like each other.

It's impossible for me to be sociable while suppressing that...

Hmm? Speaking of which.

「 Didn't you say that the person Fiona doesn't like is an earl? 」

「 Yes. Not only me, but also Duke Bernard and the rest of them don't want to have anything to do with Count Glanz. The current head of the family, Count Granz, seems to want to have a relationship with the higher nobility, and every time he meets with the dukes and marquises, he appeals to them to have his child as a fiancée. His efforts have not been fruitful, though 」

「 I'm sure the Duke does, too. Lady Sion didn't attend yesterday's meeting because he's as bitter about it as you are, so she stayed in the library with me 」

「 Sion... is, well. That girl has always been uncomfortable with men, so it must be like torture to be blatantly gawked at like that. Sion turned down Reves' proposal of marriage quite bluntly 」

「 Wow... but to be courted by such a repulsive person.. 」

「 It's not nice, that's for sure 」

Fiona intertwined her hands with mine and said, 「 Poor thing. 」

I let her do so without any resistance, and was lost in my own thoughts.

I didn't expect Lady Sion to have such weaknesses.

She interacts with me normally, and I don't get the impression that she hates men. In fact, I thought she was an affable girl who was well-liked by many people.

As far as I could see yesterday, she's studying hard and is very focused. If it weren't for her illness, she would have contracted a grimoire by now and be mastering many forms of magic.

「 It's really troublesome to be uncomfortable with men, isn't it? If you're a Noble, it's your duty to have children. When it comes time to get a fiancé, she'll be in trouble 」

「 If it comes to that, why can't she just be with someone she likes? 」

「 Idiot. Marriage for love is not as easy as it sounds. Political marriages are a given. Well, Duke Bernard will be inherited by their eldest son, Miles, so Sion may be given more freedom 」

「 Lady Sion has a brother? 」

「 Yes, a younger brother. He'll be eight this year, I think 」

A brother.

He might come here when he goes to magic school, maybe I'll be able to see him then. It's going to be quite a while before I see him though.

「 But still, getting engaged.. 」

「 What is it? Interested? 」

Fiona said with a smirk.

I don't know why she looks so happy, but there's no need to lie about it, so let's be honest.

「 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. I'm eighteen years old, and when I go to the palace, people ask me if I've found someone to marry yet. I've never been involved in a romantic relationship until I was this age, so I can't be aggressive. 」

「 Hmmm.. 」

「 And I think it's to be some time before someone like that comes along, so it feels better for me to be a librarian and be able to do the things I want to do.

「 Is there anyone you like at the moment....? 」

「 No, not at the moment, but I might at some point 」

I've never been in love before, so I don't know what it's like to fall in love. I don't know if I'm in love or not. I need to be able to decide if I'm in love or not.

「 ...Hey, Serel 」

「 Hm? 」

Fiona suddenly blushed and called my name, and after coughing once, opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind, Luna, who had been silently listening to our conversation, said.

「 If you don't have anyone you like, why don't you consider becoming engaged to me? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Lu- Luna!? 」

A sudden statement.

What? Luna-san as my fiancé? How in the world could you come up with something like that?

「 In reality, my father is also worried about it. Every time I come home, he asks me if I'm going to get married yet, or if I can't find a good man and if he should arrange a marriage for me 」

「 So, why me? 」

「 That's true! The dragon people are not allowed to marry other races- 」

「 It's a law that was abolished a long time ago, so there's no problem. I've been told that Serel is the only court librarian in the country, and that he is quite skilled in magic. I would prefer a man who is at least as strong as me to be my mate 」

That's a typical way of thinking for a fighting race...

There are not many people who have seen me fight in person, and I'm sure she hasn't. It's not a good idea to make a decision based on what you hear from the outsiders - or what Fiona may have told you.

A fiancé is someone you're going to spend the rest of your life with.

You shouldn't make such a simple decision about the most important person in your life. It is necessary to take more time to find the right person and to nurture your love from there... There is a saying that love is instantaneous. Anyway, I have to say no properly.

「 It's a tempting proposition, but I'm sure there are better people out there than me. There are better people than me in the Court Mage Corps 」

「 Have I been rejected Lady Fiona? 」

「 Eh? What? 」

「 Do your best 」

「 What!? 」

Gah!  said Fiona, who rose up with great force. she growled menacingly. Aren't you ashamed of showing your face when it's red?

I'm glad to see that you two are getting along so well.

「 I almost forgot the main topic. 」

「 The main topic? 」

「 Yes, that's right. That's the second reason I came here today. 」

Then Fiona pulled something out from her pocket and handed it to me.

It was a... key. In fact, this is....

「 This is the key to the Forbidden Book Sealing Room. My father told me that you should keep this with you from now on. 」

「 His Majesty the King? I can't think why... 」

This is not a key to be held casually in one's hand.

Even I, a court librarian, have only ever held this key in my hands a few times.

So, why all of a sudden?

「 It seems that a few days ago, someone broke into the Treasure Room and tried to break the seals. 」

「 The Treasure Room? What about the guards? 」

「 They were all knocked out. We don't even know how they got into the palace. Fortunately, thanks to the seals you put on it, they didn't take the keys, but I decided it was a bad idea to leave them there. I thought it would be safer to put a dummy in the treasure house and have you take the real one. It could confuse them. 」

「 No, it's usually better to leave it in the hands of a mage with a higher level grimoire than me. 」

「 Hm? What was that? 」

「 ... Okay. I understand. I'll take care of this for you, Your Highness. 」

「 Good. Well, I know it's a lot of trouble, but do your best. 」

Fiona turned away and said that, perhaps to hide her embarrassment.

I think her charm really increases when she does this. The gap between when she's embarrassed and when she's not is what makes her so cute.

「 Thank you. By the way, what's the biggest reason? 」

「 I wanted to see... Serel's face. 」

I think you're the cutest princess I've ever seen.

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