Volume 1: Chapter 7

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Fiona and Luna returned to the royal palace before the library's opening time.

Thanks to them, I feel much better. It seems that when you're overwhelmed, it's best to have a chat with someone familiar. I'm sure they'll be coming back to visit in the future, and I'll probably need to offer them a cup of tea and a snack.

As soon as the doors, which are designed to unlock automatically when the library is open, opened, a large number of people arrived at the library.

Most of them were young boys and girls who were about to enter the magic school. As they reached their seats on the fifth floor, which had become their regular spot, they opened the notebooks and reference books they had brought with them and began to study. They were very enthusiastic. I'm sure they'll grow up to become the future of this kingdom. I was deeply moved.

As I was watching them at the librarian's counter space, I saw someone coming towards me. Oh, you're here again today.

"Good morning, Lady Sion."

"Good morning! I've come to study again today."

"Looks like it. Isn't the duke with you?"

"Yes. I heard that my father has to work in the capital for a while, so he's holed up in his study today. There is nothing to do in the mansion, so I came here. I don't know where the library is in the mansion because I wasn't told about it."

"Oh, I see."

If you're unable to make a contract with a grimoire, the only thing you can do is to acquire the knowledge you'll be needing for after contracting a grimoire and being cured of your illness.

In addition, I've seen once that Duke Bernard's mansion in the royal capital is huge. The royal capital itself is very large, so it may not be a big deal in comparison to the entire city, but it is still dozens of times larger than an average home. A library in such a grand mansion.... is probably where some grimoires are stored.

I'm sure they'll tell you when you reach the appropriate age.

"Fortunately, I have a reference book in my room, so I brought it with me."

"You're very eager. But I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but the library is not closed today, so there will be other people there, and I have work to do, so I can't be there to help you study."

"That's okay. Don't worry, you will never be able to deepen your understandings if you don't try to solve the questions by yourself first. However, if I don't understand something later..."

"Of course, I will teach you later. If you need help, just give me a call"


Lady Sion said happily, went up to the fifth floor, took a seat and began to study.

This counter is on the fourth floor, so it is rather close. Therefore, students who are studying can come and ask me questions quite easily.

They're all good kids, and it's really helpful that they come when I'm not busy.

It's a win/win situation.

"Let's just get this over with so I can watch them learn."

I put my doctoral hat and tie back on, and got right to work.

About four hours later.

I continued to work without having lunch as usual, and as a result, I finished my work in the morning. I tried my hardest to get it done.

I have to make sure that I don't get so busy with work that I don't make any progress when I have to investigate Lady Sion's illness. I wouldn't be able to face the duke that way.

It's going to be like this for some time to come, I'll finish my work early and spend my afternoons gathering information and teaching the students their studies.

I turned my attention to the study area on the fifth floor, where there were only reference books and no one sitting. Everyone must have gone to the coffee shop outside to have lunch. The only people in the building seemed to have already had lunch.

Still, it was nice. I can't go eat at a coffee shop.

When I'm gone, this library will be empty, and there's no way I can leave it open without someone in charge.

Instead of having to deal with other people, it's very inconvenient being alone.

I'm hungry, though.

Let's go back to the librarian's office and get something to eat. When I got up from my chair.

"Umm, Sensei."


My name was called, and I turned my head to look at her.

If they're calling me "Sensei" then... sure enough, there were two girls there that I knew.

"You guys were here, too. Sisera, Leelo."

"It's spring break, but we still have to study, right? Especially Sisera."

"Don't say that Leelo... Um, Mr. Serel, do you have a moment? I'm having a little trouble understanding something."

"No problem. I don't want to abandon a child who is eager to learn."

The girl holding the reference book to her chest, with long pale light blue hair, eyes of the same color and glasses, is Sisera. She is the second daughter of the Countess Evelynth, I believe? She doesn't talk much about her family, and I don't know much about her. I do know that she is the daughter of a noble family, though.

And the girl next to her, with her red hair tied in a ponytail, is Leelo.

She is the only daughter of the Count Lorenz, who is famous for his martial arts, and is currently living away from home in the school dormitory. She's very smart and is a strong supporter of Sisera, who is a bit of a dilettante.

I'll have lunch, or maybe a snack, later.

They've probably already had lunch, so their motivation should be back. I need to explain to them what they don't understand before they lose their motivation.

I invited them into the counter and sat them down on the chairs that were available.

"So, what don't you understand?"

"I'm not sure I understand the magic theory of 『smooth magic transfer when using a grimoire to cast a spell』."

I invited them into the counter and sat them down on the chairs that were available.

"So, what don't you understand?"

"I'm not sure I understand the magic theory of 『smooth magic transfer when using a grimoire to cast a spell』."

When Sisera shows the page while she reads the article in the reference book, she scratches her cheek and says a question.

"I know that the grimoire is helping me to cast spells, but what does this smooth transmission of magic mean?

"Hmmm, yes. First of all, do you know what this word means?"

"Well, it means that the magic power generated by the arecore is smoothly carried by the scales to the entire body, right?"

"That's correct. But what's important here is the meaning of smooth."

I pointed to the area where the word was written and explained it clearly to the two people on either side of me. There was a student last year who said he didn't understand the meaning here.

In this case, "smooth" does not mean smooth flowing, but accelerating the speed of magical power transmission. If you are healthy, the flow of magic power in your body is usually smooth.

"But aren't acceleration and smoothness different meanings? To be honest I'd like to complain to the researcher who named it, but in this case, smooth means to facilitate the transfer of magic power during the activation of magic.


Hmmm... ...... You're right.

I'll give you some examples so that they can both understand. There are a lot of kids who have a hard time with this topic. I've always thought that the names we give them are bad. This is going to confuse a lot of kids.


I summoned my grimoire and created two small lightning balls in front of me.

I dont want to let them discharge on their own, so I'm going to keep a tight control on them. In fact, the use of magic is prohibited in the library, but since I am the one in charge, there is no problem. In the first place, I've been using the detection magic, so such rules for me.

"I'll use this lightning ball to explain. First of all, if you do not summon a grimoire and don't use any magic - in other words, in the normal state, smooth transmission of magic power is this."

When I turned my index finger, the lightning ball on the right side began to rotate clockwise at a slow speed. It's a little more than a small circle because it must never touch the desk.

"And this is what smooth magic transmission looks like when you summon a grimoire and are about to activate a spell."

I turned my other index finger and the lightning ball on the left side began to spin several times faster than the one on the right. You can even see its shadow trailing behind it. It's not as exaggerated as you might think, but this is the speed at which magic is transmitted when it is activated.

"In a nutshell, when you activate magic, you need to transfer the magic power at a faster speed to activate the magic. In order to offset this, grimoires have the effect of speeding up the transfer rate of the magic power they generate. In other words, it accelerates the flow of magic power from the body to the entire body. It's really a confusing name, though.

I think we can change the name if we appeal directly to the Academy of Magical Sciences

I think it's honestly something that needs to be corrected if people are this confused by the name.

"I see, this means accelerating magic power. ...... I get it!"

"I'm sure you understand. What about Leelo?"

"I understood it from the start. I'm fine. I'm not sure if it's the magic skills that I'm worried about, but that's outside the scope of Mr. Serel."

"I'm sure you're right. Also, I know I keep saying this, but I'm not your teacher, okay?"

"No, that's..."

What do you mean?

I'm a librarian. I'm not a teacher.

"Oh, and here..."

Apparently, there were still some things he didn't understand. I didn't mind, but I was more than happy to teach him.

I kind of like teaching people, don't you? I like teaching itself, but I wish people would stop calling me "teacher" because it reminds me of the teachers... who hate me.

With this in mind, I continued to teach the two students who were eager to learn.

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