Volume 1: Chapter 8

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「 Thank you very much!  」

After about an hour of helping them study, both Sisera and Leelo thanked me. I was impressed with their willingness to say thank you.

「 I'm glad you understand it more now. If there's anything you still don't understand, you can always come and ask me.  」

「 Okay!  」

「 Uh, the actual exam is...  」

「 It goes way beyond that.  」

「 Of course...  」

Leelo looks discouraged.

Hmmm, it's not like I can only teach Sisera and Leelo. I need to treat all the students equally.

「 I've got a lot of important work to do at the moment... so I'll help you when I'm done with that.  」

「 Really?  」

「 Be quiet in the Library. Though I have to be a librarian and it's early in the morning.  」

「 I'll be okay. Finally, I'll be able to study with Serel Sensei. It's been worth the effort!  」

Is that something you should be so glad about?

The reason why Leelo was so eager to have me study with her is probably because the magic she deals with primarily is in the same system as mine, the lightning system. I'm sure she's not very good at the small details of control, and she wants me to help her with that.

「 I'm not sure if I can do it anytime soon, so you'll have to accept that, right?  」

「 Of course.  」

「 Hmm. Well that's settled then.  」

Sisera and Leelo bowed again, then headed back to their desks to study.

Hmm. They've been visiting the library quite often, but they always seem to be doing well. I've heard that their grades are pretty good too, so maybe they could give those teachers a run for their money. I'd love to see them take first place one day.

Now that I've finished with teaching, I should get on with what I have to do.

There is still a lot of material that I need to read and there isn't much time left on the deadline, and no matter how small the clue is, I have to find it.

When I looked, I saw Lady Sion holding a Spellbook in one hand, smiling and looking at me.

It seems that she came to ask me a question.

「 Mr. Serel, do you have a minute to spare?  」

「 Yes, I'm free right now. Is there something you don't understand?  」

「 Yes. But before that, one thing...  」

Lady Sion glanced at the students studying at their desks on the fifth floor and asked.

「 You seemed to be getting along quite well with the two people you were just with... Are they from the Magic School?  」

「 Yeah, that's right. Both of them come to the library every day after school to study, so we've familiarized ourselves with each other. Even now, I was teaching the girls something they didn't understand. They will be 3rd year students after spring break, so I guess they just can't afford to relax. They're working even harder than usual.  」

「 I see... As a 3rd year student, are they more worried about the practical skills?  」

「 She seems to be worried about that too, but this is a library. I can only teach classroom lectures. If you're a senior student, the classroom lessons are going to become quite difficult.  」

There are a variety of subjects, such as the theory of magic formula construction, the laws of magic power action by system, and conversion efficiency. Although it is merely a brief course, as more details are learned in the advanced courses, the percentage of test scores is still quite low. Most of the students fail the exams in this field.

It's difficult subject for students who want to become magicians in the future, because they have to understand it thoroughly.

I know what I'm talking about, so I can teach the kids who come to me with questions. Even so, the only students who come to me are those who are not concerned about status.

There are a lot of students who have been brought up by their families or have been raised to discriminate based on status.

Well, the kids I teach are the ones who are getting the top grades.

Suck it up.

「 It's not a bad idea to study the course since it will be covered eventually. However, I think you have your hands full with the current issues.  」

「 I'd like to learn more about when I can make a contract with a grimoire...  」

「 I'm sure you're not the only one.  」

Lady Sion pressed the area where the bruise was with one hand.

It must be hard for her. Many of the kids around her age have already made a contract with the grimoire.

Obviously, she's behind at the beginning, and now Lady Sion is trying her best to acquire at least some classroom knowledge.

That's the spirit.

I'll have to do my best to make her efforts worthwhile.

「 By the way, what was the problem you didn't understand?  」

「 Oh, that's right. Here it is...  」

She showed him a question about ‘Amplification of Magical Power Resistance in contact with a specific system of magic’ which is taught in the second year of high school.

What Lady Sion doesn't understand is... I see. It's a calculation problem.

I'm not sure how to help her here since It's a calculation problem. 

I'm sure there are a lot of students who will trip over this and I'm sure there will be a lot of students who will come to ask questions before the test because many of them aren't good at calculation problems in the first place.

「 That's right. First of all, let's start by understanding the meaning of the words, not the formulas. What do we mean by 'in contact with a specific system of magic'?  」

「 That's right. There is a significant difference in the amount of resistance, but the combination with the largest increase in resistance is the Dark and Light systems. When these two collide, they repel each other with almost no mixing. In this question, though, Light and Lightning are used. The resistance of the former is 70 times greater than that of the latter. In other words, if you are attacked by Dark Magic, you can use Lightning Magic to prevent it, and if you are attacked by Light Magic, you can use Dark Magic to defend against it.  」

「 Isn't it possible to use defensive magic?  」

「 It's a waste of magic power to use defensive magic. It's more efficient to use these types of spells when you need to keep the magic usage to a minimum.  」

Most defensive magic is essentially deployed around you. So, it wastes a lot of magic power. But if you use this kind of property to cancel out the attack itself, you can use the least amount of magic power.

「 Sorry for interrupting, but there is a basic formula for the resistance amplification effect, which is.... The constant ρ is a unique constant for each magic system, so you have to memorize it, but the other values should be written in the question.  」

「 Oh, so you're not asking for it?  」

「 Yes. If it's fire, it's six squared. For water, it's four squared. I know it's hard to remember all this, but all I can do is try my best.  」

To be honest, I'm not very good at calculation problems because it's tiring for both the person explaining and the person being explained to.

It's not uncommon for others to not be able to fully grasp what I understand, so it's difficult to know how to communicate this to the students.

I'm glad to hear that Lady Sion is a quick learner and seems to have understood my explanation.

「 Thank you very much. I feel like I can figure it out now.  」

「 I'm glad to hear that. It's in the next year's curriculum, so if you deepen your understanding now, you'll have an edge later...  」

「 What? Mr. Serel?  」

I don't reply to her voice, but instead stare at the text in my reference book.

The magic resistance amplification action... is the collision of two systems, the lightning and the darkness, which is the major one.

And to the general public, dark magic is....

Immediately, I turned my attention to the bruised collarbone area of Lady Sion.

Suddenly, a hypothesis flashed through my mind.

If my guess was correct, then this was a problem. A big problem.

No, wait. I mustn't tell the Duke yet. If I don't know for certain what I'm doing, I'm going to cause unnecessary confusion...

「 Um, Mr Serel?  」

「 Sorry, I was just thinking about something.  」

「 Are you okay? You must be tired.  」

「 I'm fine. Now, please continue with your studies. I have some research to do...  」

At that moment.

「 Don't speak to me, commoner!  」

Such discriminatory remarks reverberated throughout the library, temporarily enveloping the building in silence.

Who the hell was that? In this library, where I am the librarian, people who make such trashy remarks are...

I walked out of the counter and peeked downstairs, along with Lady Sion.

There was a boy there, dressed in fancy, expensive looking clothes. He had a small, fat figure, which I wouldn't describe as handsome even in a flattering way. Behind him were not his friends, but his guards? There were a handful of people behind him.

「 Is that a... nobleman?  」

「 Yes.  」

It seems that Lady Sion knows and distorts her face in discomfort.

I'm not sure what kind of guy this is, but Lady Sion doesn't seem to like him that much.

「 Do you know him?  」

「 You know... Do you remember why I didn't go to the meeting yesterday?  」

「 Of course. A nobleman you don't like... Oh, I see. That's what you mean.  」

That's why Lady Sion doesn't like it.

No wonder Lady Sion doesn't like him.

As Fiona said, it's no wonder she hates him. I'm getting pretty annoyed myself.

「 So, that's the son of the Countess?  」

「 Um, yes, I suppose so.  」

The man in question, the Countess, seems to have ended up here.

It's troublesome. But it looks like this guy is causing problems... I can't overlook the fact that he's involved in a dispute with a few... female students. But This is a library that is supposed to be quiet, and the other kids are going to be disturbed.

I can't help it, though. I'm going to go stop them.

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