Volume 1: Chapter 9

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The library was filled with the sound of shouting, which was far from the usual serenity.

It was the voice of a boy making a filthy discriminatory remark, and several girls defying him. As I listened, it was obvious which side was worse. The boy is the one who is saying a lot of offensive words in a boastful manner.

If they wanted to fight, they could at least do it outside. There are a lot of people in the library who want to read in peace and quiet, and a lot of students who want to concentrate on their studies.

Normally, I would probably have jumped down from the central section of the library, which was open to the public, and rushed to the scene, but I didn't want to go, so I headed down the stairs as slowly as I could.

And for some reason, Lady Sion is coming with me! I can't jump down because she is following me.

「 I feel like we're walking into the middle of a very heated argument... 」

「 Yes, it does. It might have been a mistake to slowly head down the stairs. 」

It might have been better to have headed there while things were still relatively calm.

No, there's no use saying that now. The other party is a nobleman, and even if I'm a librarian, I'm sure they'll have plenty to say about me if I go there.

If the nobility is supremacist, there will be a storm of abuse if I, a commoner, speak out.

However, I have to maintain order in this library, and His Majesty the King has offered to leave the decision directly to me. In other words, I have the right to decide what to do with them.

I went downstairs with my grimoire still summoned and called out to the students who were in trouble.

「 What's the matter? I need you to keep quiet in the library... 」

「 Oh, librarian. 」

One of the girls - also a familiar face - responded to my plea and gave me a brief explanation of the situation.

「 This man suddenly snatched the book we were reading! And as soon as we confronted him, he got upset and threw the book at the girl! 」

「 What? He threw it at her? 」

When I looked at the girl beside her, I saw that she had been hit in the forehead by the book, and was bleeding a little. There was a book lying on the floor nearby that looked like it had been hit directly.

Huh. I knew it, but at this point, it's pretty obvious which one of us is at fault.

Putting my glasses back on, I walked over to the injured girl and touched her bloodied forehead.

「 Yeah. 」

「 I'm sorry, but I'm going to heal your wounds right away. 」

I put some of my magic into her and cast a simple healing spell on her.

It's a really minor injury, so it should heal quickly. She is young, so her natural healing power is probably high. As expected, the wound healed quickly in a few seconds.

「 Yeah, that must have hurt. 」

「 Oh, thank you so much. 」

I know they're not old enough to need this much comforting, but from my point of view, they're still children. So I can't help but treat her like a younger sister.

Well, she looked down in embarrassment.

Now, let's get down to business.

A little bit of distance from the boys and girls, I questioned as a third party - an arbiter.

「 So, you said that you took the book that the girls had been reading. Why did you do that? 」

「 Hey, who do you think you're talking to? 」

「 What? 」

I was stunned by the unexpected words that came out of his mouth.

What the hell is this boy talking about... Oh, I see. So that's what he's saying.

This is what a typical ill-natured noble looks like.

「 I know what you are saying, but are you saying that commoners shouldn't talk like that to nobles or something like that? 」

「 Of course not! You are a commoner! Then change your language and attitude towards me, the next head of the Count of Grants! 」

「 Hahh.. 」 [TL: *sigh*]

I'm so stunned I can't help but sigh.

You've already injured someone else, and you have shown no remorse for it? What's wrong with granting a title to a family that would raise such a fool?

The people in the library who were listening to the conversation were all looking at each other in discomfort, and even the girls were staring at me.

Lady Sion is holding her breath and looking like she's going to throw up. That's it?

「 I will not change my attitude because I have no respect for your lack of aristocratic manners, and I believe in equality and self-honesty. 」

「 What the hell? 」

「 And I'm the librarian of this library. It is my duty to resolve any problems that arise here, and His Majesty the King has agreed to entrust any decisions to my judgment. Of course, it doesn't matter if you're a nobleman or a commoner, your status is irrelevant here. 」

「 Ah... 」

I'm sure he was afraid to say anything carelessly because of the mention of the King's name.

The next head of the Count of Grants family..., I believe, is the disliked Reves? The fact that he doesn't have any friends or cronies, as most people do, may indicate his lack of popularity.

He swept his gaze over me, but when he caught a glimpse of Lady Sion behind me, he lifted the corners of his mouth slightly.

I don't know what his intentions are... It's not like we're exchanging any special words.

「 So, do you know? It's forbidden to take a book that someone else is reading, and it's out of line ethically in the first place. That's a fact, isn't it?. 」

「 No. Nobles should be given preferential treatment... 」

「 That's your own opinion. In this library, everyone is equal. You can't take away someone's reading material just because you're a nobleman, and you can't get upset and hurt someone. In addition... 」

I pick up the book that had been thrown this way by wind magic.

Ah, I knew it. The pages are torn and wrinkled from a nasty fall.

「 It's out of the question to do this to a book that belongs here. This time, it's your fault. I'm disappointed that the nobles of the kingdom can be so vulgar. I'm very disappointed. 」

「 You're calling me vulgar? 」

Reves, who was annoyed by my comment (on purpose), shook his fist and his face turned red as he shouted.

「 If you've been listening to me for a while, you know that I'm a Noble and you think you can talk to me like that! I'm a member of the Count's family! You're being rude to me, a nobleman... 」

Reves is so angry that he yells out to the guards behind him.

「 You guys, punish this guy! 」

「 Yes, sir. I will cut down that impudent person. 」

Two guards approach me with their swords drawn at their waists.

I'm sure they'll be wielding their swords at the top to cut me down at any moment. But for guards, they don't look very strong. In the first place....

「 What's the point of a guard drawing his sword if it's not to protect his master? 」

It's not just the fact that they've completely misinterpreted their purpose, but also the fact that I've just summoned a grimoire and can immediately activate magic.

And yet, the fact that they think they can win with swords shows the inferiority of these guards.

With a sense of disbelief, I sent a bolt of lightning across the ground at the two guards who were closing in on me.

It's not the massaging lightning that I used on Lady Sion before, but a lightning so powerful that it completely wipes out her consciousness. Even so, there are no after-effects or injuries at all, it's just enough to knock them out, though.

I took one look at the two guards who had fallen to the floor with their swords clattering, and closed my grimoire with a snap.

From the side, it looks like I'm standing there doing nothing and the guards that came at me fainted and fell down on their own. It's not all about the strength of the grimoire, but if you're going to go up against a mage with a sword, you have to be at least reasonably skilled.

When Reves saw the fallen guards, he took a few steps back.

「 I-... 」

「 Mr. Reves, the next head of the Count of Grants. From now on, all members of your family are prohibited from entering the library. We have already recorded your magical power, so if you try to force your way in, you will be burned by powerful electric shocks, so please be careful. Also... 」

When I raised my index finger, the bodies of Reves and the rest of the group floated up into the air and were pulled towards the door of the library, which opened by itself.

「 It's unpleasant for you to be here any longer, so please leave as quickly as possible. 」

He was shouting something as he left, but I drowned out his voice with wind magic and forcibly threw him out of the library. After the door was closed, there was a moment of silence in the library.

Yes, the library is supposed to be like this.

Satisfied with the quietness of the library, I spoke to the girls.

「 It's all right now. 」

「 Oh, thank you very much! And I'm sorry for being so noisy. 」

「 It's okay. It was just that idiot who was making so much noise. You guys should concentrate on your studies. 」

I patted their head and returned to Lady Sion, who was watching over the situation.

「 I'm sorry. Shall we continue with your studies? 」

「 No, it was very refreshing to see. From now on, Reves is not allowed to enter this library, right? 」

「 Yes, I've already read his magic, so he won't be able to enter anymore. Are you okay? 」

「 Yes, because we now have a safe zone. 」

I accompanied the happy Lady Sion back to the counter on the fifth floor.

Yes, Lady Sion. You really didn't like that guy, did you? I can't believe you're so happy.

I thought She was kind to everyone, so I was surprised. It also made me realize once again how bad Reves’ character is.

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