Banished Dark Healer

“You haven’t done anything lately. I don’t need you anymore,"
One day, Zenos was told by Party Leader, Aston.
Zenos is a favela-born healer and does not have an official license. Still, he was desperately honing his skills to get back for the party that had picked him up

In fact, if a friend was injured even slightly, he would be treated immediately. And he would also use protective magic, auto-recovery magic, and ability-strengthening magic that were hard to do, and the Zenos Party would be named as if they were invulnerable.
However, the party members misunderstood that those who weren’t hurt as they got stronger and started to think of Zenos as baggage.
And they started to think that the presence of Zenos, who did not have an official license and came from the favela, was just suck on party fame.

After being kicked out of the party, Zenos saves the life of elf-s*ave girl who is badly injured.

“I’m still alive…? I thought I was dead. "
“Haha, this much is just a scratch."
“… Amazing."

After helping a elf girl, Zenos decided to open a clinic as a dark healer on a street corner.
Even though he did not have a license, his treatment was not trivial, even rumors about the dark healer helping the weak and earn a lot money from strong people spread by word of mouth, finally reaching the royal palace.
Meanwhile, Zenos’s party suffered defeat and was seriously injured due to the absence of a good healer.

However, even if he was told to come back now, he had made it so that they would charge high maintenance fees for people they didn’t like… Can you guys pay your bills?