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A few days have passed since my chance reunion with Aston.

There was no change in the daily routine of the favela, and the day went on as usual.

「 Hmm, this jam is pretty good. 」

「 Hmmm, I agree. Linga boiled down the grapes and made it. 」

「 Don't talk as if you did it all by yourself. You had a lot of help. 」

When the Werewolf Leader bragged, the Orc Leader interrupted him.

「 The only time I needed Rave help was when I had to carry the heavy pots. Linga did most of the work. 」

「 I supplied the grapes, and who was the first to mix up the sugar and salt? 」

「 You promised not to tell anyone. 」

The Lizardman Leader looked sullenly at the jam on her bread and said, 「 Wow, a Werewolf and the Orc Leader sharing grape jam. What happened to you, did you finally go mad from all the drugs? 」

「 That's rude. Linga doesn't deal in drugs. 」

「 Orcs don't deal in that stuff either. 」

「 So what's the story here? 」

Linga and Rave looked at each other.

「 Linga is worried that Zofia took a big part of the noble's case. 」

「 Yes. Linga and I were of no use to Zenos. 」

「 I see. I see. So the two of you conspired to show off your homeliness. 」

Zofia stood up and laughed loudly.

「 Ha, Thank you for your valiant efforts! Do you think you can match my achievement with a little grape jam? I was personally asked by teacher to bring him to the noble's residence. 」

「 Damn It..! 」

「 It's frustrating, but I can't refute that... 」

「 I'm one step ahead in this fight. Ha, ha! 」

「 Hey, Lily... 」

「 Ugly women fighting over men... it's sweeter than jam. 」

「 Haven’t I heard all this before? 」

Zenos stood up from his chair in the treatment room with an amazed face.

When the patient had calmed down, he moved to the table in the back of the room. 

「 Don't carry on with your own affairs. Or rather, I would have thought you guys would eat lunch at home 」

They all then looked a little apologetic. 

「 We've all talked together, and we've cut back a little on this as to not bother you so much. 」

「 Yes, I really want to come every day, but I'm putting up with two days a week. 」

「 I have to take care of my subordinates a little bit, too. 」

Zenos sat down on the seat in front of him.

「 Well, don't interfere with my treatment. I'm sorry, Lily. Can I have some tea? 」

「 Right Away. 」

Zenos took a sip of his tea and picked up a piece of jam-covered bread.

「 ...good as usual. 」

「 Don't say anything even if you feel like it, doctor, because they'll get carried away. 」

「 Yes, we did it! Linga is happy. 」

「 We've won. We've won... I'm so happy. 」

「 Kuku Kuku... grinding away without a winner. 」[TL: all the MTL's say different things so it doesnt make sense to me, hmu if u know what 'くくく……勝者なき削り合い' means]

Linga flaps her beast ears at high speed, while Rave clenches her eyes.

What, is she crying?

Zofia suddenly said as if she remembered.

「 The other day, the people who expelled the teacher came to me. It really was stupid of them to expel the teacher. 」

「 Oh, you mean Aston? 」

I was a little surprised to hear from them again, since I thought I would never see them again.

「 He also came to see Linga. He sure had a dumb look on his face. 」

「 That trash party came to my place, too. 」

After a few minutes of rambling, Zofia turned a bit mysterious. 

「 This Aston guy. I had one of my men follow him, but I haven't been able to locate him since. 」

「 Same with Linga. Even the werewolf's nose hasn't been able to find her. 」

「 It hasn't been caught in the orc's net either. 」

「 Maybe they went back to the city like usual...? 」

 Lili said, and the demi-humans looked at each other.

「 I hope so.... 」

「 I hope so too, It would be tricky if they went any deeper. 」

「 Yeah. In the favelas, there are some depths that even we demi-humans cannot penetrate. 」 

「 The bottom of the favelas....? 」

he said to Kermila, who turned around to face him.

「 They're talking about the underground guild 」, she said.

Consider Becoming a Patron To Recieve Advanced Chapters and Motivate me to continue Translating