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「 The Underground Guild.... 」

Lily repeated the words that Carmilla had said.

「 Well, to put it simply, it's an illegal guild 」, said Zofia who was beside me.

If you want to ask for a job you can't do yourself, it's common to ask a guild. The largest is the Adventurer's Guild, but there are many other guilds, such as the Blacksmith's Guild and the Builder's Guild.

General guilds are state-sanctioned and operate under a set of rules regarding requests and fees, and you must pass a test to become a member. 

「 But the underground guild has no such rules. They're a bunch of lowlifes. 」

「 Linga doesn't like them because they'll do anything for money. 」

「 Yeah, they're not the kind of people you want to get involved with. 」

The demi-human leaders expressed their disgust.

「 They'll do anything..? 」

「 Drug trafficking, assassination, revenge. It is said that the underground guild was also involved in the case of the nobleman's child trafficking. 」

「 ...... 」

Lily shuddered and looked at Zenos. 

「 Well, then, if that noisy uncle had gone to the underground guild to ask for a favor... 」

「 Do you mean Aston when you say the annoying uncle? 」

Zenos brought a piece of bread to his mouth and pondered for a moment.

「 Maybe. I was in the favelas, and I've heard of the Underground guild, but I heard to ask for a lot of money for requests. 」 [TL: idfk]

Carmilla crossed her arms, and Lili let out a breath of relief.

「 Oh, I see. That's a relief. 」

But Zofia was staring at the desk with a blank expression on her face. 

「 Zofia-san...? 」

「 Oh, no. An Underground Guild is essentially a world where money is the most important, but recently I remembered a rumor that there was a man who would accept requests from people without money, depending on the conditions. 」

Zofia raised her eyebrows as if trying to remember the name, and then said

「 I'm pretty sure it's a guy who calls himself 'The Guide'. 」

⊰     ✼     ⊱

 In the depths of the favelas, in a corner of a dimly lit underground passage with an old canal spreading like a spider's web, two people were facing each other.

「 Welcome, you must be a client. How did you find us? 」 (Robed Man)

One of them, wearing a gray robe over his head, said.

「 ....... 」 (Robed Man 2)

But the other's voice was muffled and low, the words dissolving into darkness.

Only the bright voice of the gray-robed figure echoed in the underground chamber.

「 Oh. Did they introduce you here because they were short of money for your request? We get people like that sometimes. 」 (Robed Man)

「 Well, I'm not doing it for money. 」 (Robed Man)

「 You mean me? Well, you can call me 'The Guide.' 」 (Robed Man)

「 So, what do you want? 」 (Robed Man)

「 Well...To put it simply, you're acting for revenge. We have to do something not only about him, but his entourage too. 」 (Robed Man)

「 Would you like to tell me why? 」 (Robed Man)

「 Yes, I need it. The other guys in the underground guild don't seem to care about reasons as long as they get paid, but I care about reasons. 」 (Robed Man)

「 If you don't want to talk about it, then this request never happened. 」 (Robed Man)

「 ......? Are you ready to talk? 」 (Robed Man)

「 Heck... that's a pretty inflexible and selfish reason. It's not revenge, it's just taking it out on someone. You don't have any friends, do you? 」 (Robed Man)

「 No? I'm not saying you can't. I'm just saying I like it. All right, I'll give you a hand. 」 (Robed Man)

The person in the gray robe who called himself 'The Guide' took out a pitch-black magic stone from his pocket.

 It was a pure jet black that seemed to absorb even the surrounding darkness.

「 I'm just doing some research, so I thought I'd give this a try. 」 (Robed Man)

「 Oh, don't worry. Don't worry, you'll get what you came for. 」 (Robed Man)

「 By the way, can you tell me your name? 」 (Robed Man)

 The edge of his mouth curled up behind his gray robe.  

「 Oh, so your name is Aston. 」 (Robed Man)

Consider Becoming a Patron To Recieve Advanced Chapters and Motivate me to continue Translating