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By the time Zenos arrived, the slums were in utter chaos.

Numerous buildings had collapsed, and fires were raging everywhere. The screams and exclamations of people running for their lives reverberated in the night.

In the depths of the rising smoke, there it was.

「 That's the Golem... 」

A huge figure loomed just outside my field of vision.

The golem was slowly moving, swinging its sturdy limbs made of mud and stone, and battering away at houses. Its cavernous black eyes were vacant, and its roar shook my ears heavily.

「 I can't believe it... 」

「 Wow, that was quite a surprise. 」

I turned around to see Carmilla floating in the air, her arms crossed.

「 What, you're here too? 」

「 I was indeed curious. I was curious as to how a relic from long ago could have appeared in the present day. 」

「 Where is Lili? 」

「 She's still sleeping. It's better that she doesn't dream about this monster. 」

「 Teacher! 」

Running from across the street were the leaders of the demi-humans.

「 Are you all right? 」

Zofia and the others came to Zenos' side, their breathing heavy.

「 Thank God, I was just going to call the doctor. We're okay, although... 」

「 There are many of Linga's men who can't move. 」

「 Half of the orcs have been badly injured. What the hell is that monster? 」

Zenos explained that it was an ancient synthetic life form, called a golem.

「 What the hell is going on here? 」

「 That's what we want to know too. 」

「 It was the middle of the night and Linga was asleep. It was the middle of the night and Linga was asleep. She woke up to a loud noise and there it was. 」

「 According to my men, he came from deep in the slums. 」

「 Deep in the slums...? 」

Zenos placed his hand on his head and thought.

Is the underground guild involved in this?

If so, then....

However, Zenos shook his head and stopped his thoughts.

With so many people injured, there's no time to slow down and think.

「 Zofia, Linga, and Lev. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out a way to get all the injured people into one place. 」

I'm not sure who is controlling the gigantic golem behind the scenes.

With the information we have, we can't be certain.

But there is one thing I can say for sure.

Zenos looked up at the golem.

「 The price for this will be high. Remember that. 」

⊰     ✼     ⊱

In the center of the slums, where the Golem was wreaking havoc. 

On top of a small hill some distance away, there was a figure wearing a gray coat over his head.

「 The strength is as expected, but the speed is slower than I thought. Unfortunately, it still needs improvement. 」

The person calling himself 'The Guide' said as he looked through a specialized telescopic magic tool.

The screams carried by the wind was pleasant to his ears.

「 But it looks like the request should be accomplished with this. 」

The man named Aston wanted me to bring down the hammer on a former party member named Zenos and his his friends.

The reason for this is because they treated him unfairly after picking him up from the slums. He can't forgive this Zenos guy for having gained so much while he had lost so much.

It was appallingly selfish and nothing more than a complete tantrum, but such a distorted wish is interesting in its own way.

So I didn't take any money.

What do people feel and how do they react when they are put in a situation like this?

The important thing for 'The Guide' is to satisfy his curiosity.

「 In that respect, your request was interesting enough. Mr. Aston. 」

'The Guide' muttered to his client who was watching the event from another location.

⊰     ✼     ⊱

Since it was in the middle of the night, assistance from the Kings Guard Division and the Royal Academy of Healing would not be coming yet.

Considering the location of the slums, there was a possibility that no assistance would be offered in the first place.

In other words, we cannot expect any external intervention for the time being.

I heard that Zenos is a healer, so if more people get injured, he should be able to help.

「 If I were placed in a situation where those who adored me were dying one after another... 」

Would I fall to my knees in despair, tormented by a sense of helplessness and loss?

Or would I look forward, trying to defy the odds even a little?

That is the 'First Act' of the scenario I prepared for you.

‘The Guide’ raises the corners of his mouth as he looks at the scene through his telescope. 

「 Now, Zenos, how are you going to move? Let me have all the fun I can. 」

⊰     ✼     ⊱

「 Come on, let's get moving. 」

「 The werewolves are the fastest. You guys, hurry up! 」

「 Don't let the lizardmen and werewolves outrun you. We can carry about five at a time. Show them the power of the orcs! 」

As the bosses' orders rang out, the injured were gathered one by one in a vacant plot of land by those who were still able to move.

Some had broken bones.

Some were covered in blood.

Some were screaming in pain.

Some were gasping for air.

The situation was truly chaotic. 

Zenos checked the golem out of the corner of his eye, and turned to the injured people.

「 Carmilla, you should stay far away from me. <Extensive Healing High Heel> 」  

A white light swirled around Zenos and fell on the injured.

The agonized faces of the gathered people gradually softened.

However, this was only a first aid. 

In order to make sure that the injured would recover, it was necessary to assess their condition individually. For that purpose, I asked them to gather all the injured people as far as they could see.

Zenos held his hands out in front of him and began to treat the injured one by one.

「 We have to start evacuating the healed ones quickly. 」

Fortunately, the golem wasn't moving that fast.

If they ran as fast as they could, they should be able to escape.

The line of injured people showed no signs of stopping. Even so, all of them are fully recovered by the hands of Zenos.

「 Oh god... 」

「 What are you so nervous about, Zenos? 」

Zenos turned his head forward and spoke to Carmilla behind him.

「 It's frustrating, isn't it, being dragged out in the middle of the night to treat hundreds of people. I don't know if it's even profitable anymore, and I'm worried about Lili, who I left at home. I'll never forgive the culprits. 」 

Carmilla crosses her arms and looks at the back of Zenos.

I'm not sure what the mastermind behind the golem is trying to do, but I'm guessing that one of their goals is to do some serious damage to the residents of the slums.

「 ...... You don't think they're going to destroy your plans while complaining to you, do you? 」 [TL: Huh?]

Consider Becoming a Patron To Recieve Advanced Chapters and Motivate me to continue Translating