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My alarm rang and woke me up.

I was expecting to have bad dreams, but it seems I was able to sleep without waking up until morning.


I could hear the sound of cooking in the kitchen.

Maiko, my wife, was not supposed to be home.

So, whoever's making this...


"Good morning. It will be ready soon, so please wait."


The mysterious runaway gal JK Reina was in the kitchen making breakfast.

The table was already set with miso soup and grilled fish.

"Did Reina make this?"

"Yeah, but what?"

"I'm so tired in the morning. You must have woken up early."

"It's not that early."

I noticed that I could hear the sound of the washing machine spinning in the bathroom.

The magazines and game consoles that had been strewn about were now neat and tidy.

To be honest, it was even tidier than when Maiko was here.

I was going to scold her for yesterday's attack in the bathroom, but that would diminish my spirit.

Perhaps she's a surprisingly well brought-up girl.

No, no, no, don't be fooled.

A well-brought-up girl would never say, "I don't care what you do if you let me stay here for the night." Never.


To my dismay, breakfast was delicious. (TL: lmao you can’t deny it now)

"Listen. I need you to go home."



Reina respectfully bowed as if she was a child. The long, fingernails made her look even more ridiculous.

I wonder if she really understands.

"Have a good day."



I waved Reina off with a dumbfounded look as she walked away.

Although She was a nuisance who suddenly barged in on me, thanks to her, I didn't have to think much about Maiko.

In that sense, I was slightly grateful.


After a day's work, I reached the station closest to my house a little after 9 pm.

As if to illustrate my feelings, the weather was pouring.

As expected, I was unable to contact Maiko again today.

Is she going to just disappear as if nothing had happened?

I don't have any intention of making a fresh start, but the thought of being married to a person who can't even say She's sorry makes me feel ashamed.


"What the heck is she going to do now..?"


Sighing, I looked up at the house and saw the light leaking through the curtains.

"No way...?


Maiko came back!

I wonder how long it took for her to come back.

I open the front door, determined to kick him out of the house immediately.


"Oh, welcome back."



It was Reina, a runaway girl, who greeted me in an apron.

"Why is Reina here?"

"Of course it's because I made a duplicate key."

"Duplicate key? Where did you get the original key!?"

"It was in the key box at the entrance, so I borrowed it."

Reina replied as a matter of course and headed for the kitchen.


"I'll heat up dinner in a minute, just wait for me."

"I told you to go home, didn't I? I'm sure you can understand that."

"I told you I have nowhere to go, so this is my home."

It's not working.

It's as if she can't even hear me.


"Oh, yes! There's something more important I need to talk to you about."


Reina told me as she carried the food.

"What is it?"


If anything is harder than this situation where a complete stranger, a high school girl, comes to live in your house, please tell me.


What Reina took me to was Maiko's room.


"Look at this room, it's been ransacked. The living room was also a bit ransacked, but not as much as this room. Is it a burglar?"

The floor of the room was littered with clothes, and the sliding doors were opened all over the place.

Maiko had probably come in the middle of the day and rushed to take her belongings away.

This was within my expectations.

I carried my own bankbook with me, anticipating that this would happen.

"Hey, do you think I should call the police?"

"No, that's not necessary."


"This is probably my wife's doing."

When I told her that, Reina nodded her head and started playing with her phone.

It's no wonder she's a modern gal, playing with her phone while people are talking seriously.


"Your wife is this person, right?"


Reina shows me the screen of her phone.

To my surprise, there was Maiko on it.

It seemed to be a video taken in front of the house, and it was a scene of Maiko inviting her lover into the house.


"How did Reina get this video...?"

"There's more!"


The videos were all evidence of Maiko's affair. They must have been filmed on different days because the clothes and weather were different.


"What the hell is going on? Could it be that Reina is a detective?"

"That's funny! You thought you were a great detective who was forced to become a gal by an evil organization? It's not possible. I'm a high school girl who looks like a gal and has a gal brain, Reina Himeno."

I didn't say that She was a great detective, but I don't really care about that right now.


"I mean, Chino-san, you still don't know who I am? Seriously, that's impossible."

"What? No, I don't. I really don't know what's going on at all."

"Wait, are you serious? Did Chino-san really let a total stranger stay with him?"

"That's because... Reina seemed to be in trouble."

"You're too good-natured! Well, that's what I like about you, Chino-san."

"Do we know each other? I'm sorry, I can't remember at all..."

"Look at this mole under the corner of my eye! Look closely!"

Reiai pouted and pulled her hair up into a ponytail with her hands.

As I looked at that somewhat familiar face, I desperately tried to go back in my memory.


"Hmm.. ah ... ah! You can't mean Asami-chan!?"


"Yeah. Do you finally remember?"

Now I finally remember!

This girl is Asami.

Eight years ago, when I was a university student, I met her at a children's campsite where I participated as a volunteer.

Consider Becoming a Patron To Recieve Advanced Chapters and Motivate me to continue Translating