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"Wait, what? Why are you here, Asami? Your name was never Himeno in the first place!"

"Asami was my dad's surname at that time. Himeno is my mom's surname."

"Oh, so that's how it is... You've grown up a lot, I didn't recognize you at all."

"Well, I was only ten at the time, so of course I grew up."

If you ask me, I still have the same face I had back then.

The big black eyes, the slightly cocky mouth, the eyebrows that move a lot, and of course the crying marks at the corners of the eyes.

That's why I thought I knew her from somewhere.


"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I didn't recognize you at all."

"You promised to marry me..."


"It's nothing! I've known about you for a long time, Chino-san."

"But how do you know where I live now?"

"I asked Chino-san's parents. You used to stay at my parents house when you were in college. I knew where you live because they told me. When I came to the house, I found what looked like your wife with a man who wasn't Chino-san in the house, and I couldn't help but take hidden pictures."

"So that's what happened. So that's how it is. I mean, my parents shouldn't have told you so easily."

"After staking out the house a few times, I realized it was Wednesdays when she cheated on you."


If you put it that way, yesterday was also a Wednesday.

"What? Wait a minute? You mean like yesterday?"

"I saw your wife run away."



I don't want to act like it now, but it's embarrassing to think that someone was watching the whole thing.

"So I thought I'd take a chance and came to stay with you."

"What kind of chance are we talking about?"


When I laughed in exasperation, Reina also laughed back with a look of satisfaction.

I'm sure her face was the same as that of the girl I saw at the campsite.

Even though I had seen Reina's video and learned the fact that Maiko had repeatedly cheated on me, I didn't care anymore and I had lost the urge to be angry.


"I don't know what to say, but I missed this..."


I thought she was just another random high school girl, but once I found out who she was, I suddenly felt closer to her.


"But then again, why didn't you tell me first?"

"Of course it's because I wanted you to remember."


Reina pouted sulkily.


"I'm not sure how I feel about that. You were a tomboy so of course I didn't notice."

"I'm not a tomboy!”

"Do you remember? You were playing on the Tarzan rope and you fell off and got hurt."

"...How could I forget?

"You scraped your leg, sprained it, and I carried you back to the tent on my back."


She had been full of energy until then, but she cried a lot and didn't talk properly for a while.

I still remember how hard it was to console her.

Then it was really hard because she missed me strangely. 

"If you can remember that well, you should remember me right away too, you idiot."

"It's impossible. You don't think that such an energetic girl has become such a beautiful girl, do you?"

"B-Beautiful? Me?"

"You're a beautiful girl no matter how you look at it."


Well, inside she's still childish and lacking any kind of ladylike charm.


"I see. Hmm."

"Is it true that you ran away from home and had nowhere to go?"

"That's true. Well, I came here on my own because it was hard for me to stay."


I'm sure Reina has a lot going on, considering that her last name has changed since then.


"I know how you feel, but I think you should go home. I'm sure your mother is worried about you if you just left on your own."

"You're being annoying. Don't do that."

"It's not good. Your mother's worried about you."

"She won't be happy if I'm here. It's a win-win situation."

"I don't know what's going on with you, but you need to talk to her."

"Okay, okay. I'll talk to you about it later. Anyway, I'm hungry! Let's eat!"


Reina ran to the kitchen.


Dinner was meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, soaked wit eggplant and salad.

And it was delicious.

"I'm sorry. I made it with what I had in the fridge, so the consistency is a bit blurry."

"No, it's amazing. How can you make something of such high quality?"

"Well, you know. I'm good at housework in general, but I'm stupid."

"I can kind of tell by looking at you."

"Seriously!? My friends say I don't look like I can do housework! You have a good eye for people, Chino-san!"


I'm pretty sure I'm just as clueless as I look.

Besides, there was no way I was a good judge of character. If I was, I wouldn't have married a woman who would cheat on me within a year.


"You can ask me what you want to eat tomorrow and I'll make it for you!"

Did you think I was going to say, "Oh, hamburger! You think I'm going to say that? There's no tomorrow. Get the hell out of here."

"You're so rude!"

"I can't have a high school girl over for a night. If someone calls the cops, I'll get arrested."


You can't possibly do such a dangerous thing in this day and age.

"Oh, so we should go out? Doesn't that sound like something a lover would allow?"

"I'll lend you my umbrella. You want to leave now?"

"I'm serious! I wouldn't mind going out with you if you were Chino-san."


Her eyes were strangely serious, so I hurriedly averted my gaze.

"That's not the point. If you're a high school student, you should go home."

"Are you sure you want to say that? I have video evidence of your wife, you know."


Reina smirked and held up her phone.

I'm sure I'll be able to get a divorce even if I don't have any proof.

But with that kind of evidence, it would have the power to shut Maiko up.


And Reina, who seems to be having a lot of problems, might really be in trouble with nowhere to go.


I'm not sure what to do.


It would be unfortunate if I put her in harm's way by kicking her out.

"Damn... I can't help it. I'll let you stay a little while.

"Really? Thank you!"


Reina hugged me tightly.


"Oh, come on."

But then again, this girl has huge boobs...

I don't want you to hug me too recklessly.

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