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My job is to deliver disposable chopsticks, lunch boxes, tableware, and other supplies and equipment to restaurants and other catering businesses.

I'm like a distributor for restaurants, delivering non-food items.

It's not that hard work, but orders from customers do come in late at night.

I have to constantly be on my cell phone.

The next day, when I returned home from work, Reina was waiting for me, wearing her uniform and apron as if it was a natural part of life.

"Welcome home. You were early today."

"Well, it's usually like this."

The dinner was hamburger steak as requested.

I gave Reina some money for food and living expenses, so it seems she even went out to do some shopping.

"I'm going to cook it now, so please wait a moment."

"What, right now?"

"If you want it to be as good as possible, you have to eat it straight from the oven."

Reina shaped the Hamburg Steak with her experienced hands as she released all the air with a poof.

"Thank you. Are you by any chance eating it too, Reina?"

"Yes? Isn't it obvious?"

"You can just go ahead and eat it first without worrying about it."

"No, I can't."

"We should live together without worrying about each other."

"That's not the point. It's too lonely to eat alone, isn't it? Since Chino-san is here, I want to eat with him."

"Is that so?"

My wife Maiko, who left, usually ate without waiting for me.

You know, sometimes you say things that just stab me in the heart, don't you, Reina?

While Reina was cooking, I checked my phone under the table.

As expected, there was no word from Maiko.

I guess she's planning to just disappear.

That's fine with me, but I only wanted to get a proper divorce.

As usual, Reina's cooking was superb.

The Hamburg steak was very thick, but still cooked all the way through, and as soon as you broke it open, the juices poured out.

The vegetables on the side and the sweet and sour soup was perfect.

"Thanks for the meal. Reina really is a brilliant cook."

"You're flattering me"

"I'm not flattering you. I really mean it."

"Don't set the bar too high, okay? It may not be that good tomorrow."

Reiai smiled happily as she said this.

When I first saw her, I didn't really like her because she looked like a gal, but now that I see her like this, she has a cute face.

While Reina was taking a bath, I sent a message to Maiko.

I don't know how many times I've sent her messages and she hasn't even read them.

『 In any case, let's meet and talk once. 』

That's the only sentence.

I have no desire to get back together or anything like that.

I was angry when I found out about the affair, but now I didn't feel like even yelling at her.

Well, of course I'm going to say at least one disgusted comment.

Anyway, I would like to move forward with the divorce process.

"I'm done with my bath."

"Oh, that was fast."

As I put my phone away to hide it, Reina narrowed her eyes and glared at me.

"You're always on your phone, aren't you, Chino-san? It's not very inviting, is it?"

I never expected a day to come when a high school girl would point out that to me.

"It's work."

"No way. Your work phone isn't a smartphone, it's a pager phone."

"You call a simple phone a pager?"

"Don't change the topic."

Reina comes closer and closer to my face.

The distance between us is so close that I can feel her body heat after taking a bath, which makes my heart pound.

She's wearing a T-shirt with a loose neckline on her bare skin, which makes it worse.

"Have you gotten in touch with your wife yet?"

"Oh yeah."

"Look at me!"

"What? Why?"

"You have to look people in the eye when you are talking to them."

"You're getting too close."

"It's fine."

Reina took my cheeks between her hands and made me look forward.

I can see her cleavage in all its glory.

"Chino-san's face when he looks at his phone scares me. I don't really like it."

It was only when she pointed it out that I realized I had been playing with my phone with a stern face.

"If you can't get in touch with her, why don't you just leave her alone? It's no use living your life thinking about something you don't like. It's definitely better to think about something fun. I'm an idiot, so I don't get it, but..."

"I see... You may be right. Thank you."

I don't really care what happens from here on out, because I'm thinking of leaving her altogether, regardless of whether I still have feelings for her or not.

"If it's Chino-san's fault, I can't blame you for worrying about it, but it's her fault. It's ridiculous to be bothered for someone like that."

"That's true, too."

"Chino-san is kind and too serious. That's one of the good things about you. Let's take it easy."

"Thanks, Reina."

You're normally just an annoying mess, but sometimes you say nice things. I was impressed.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah. Yeah, thanks to you."

"Do you need a little more comforting?"

Reina pulled down the collar of her t-shirt with her index finger to show more cleavage.

I'm not sure whether you're aware that you're not wearing a bra...

"I'm going to kick you out if you don't..."

"Why? People are worried about you!"

I really don't understand what she's thinking.

I was about to take a second look, but now I feel like I've ruined it.

"Yes, Reina. You're off school tomorrow, right? I'm also off. Do you want to go shopping?"

"Oh, for real?"

"Reina, you don't have many clothes, right? I'll buy you some."

"No way! I'm so lucky!"

"I can't afford anything too expensive."

"I understand! Thank you, Chino-san!"

"What? Don't try to kiss me."

"What? You can at least kiss me. This isn't a romantic kiss, it's a kiss of gratitude."

"A kiss is a kiss, no matter which way you look at it!"

It's somewhat exhausting and frustrating to be around Reina.

But it's kind of fun.

I'm not going to say that because I'm sure she'll get carried away.

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