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"Reina, are you planning to go dressed like that?"


I was mortified to see Reina in her school uniform.


"It can't be helped. I'm in the middle of doing laundry, and this is all I have."

"No, but it's not a good idea for so many reasons..."

A man in his late 20s walking down the street with a high school girl in school uniform would be questioned by police every five meters.

On the other hand, it was too hard for me to make Reina wear the clothes Maiko had left behind.


"So, lend me Chino-san's clothes."

"My clothes? Not happening."

"I'll manage."


Reina totters off and runs up the stairs to my room.

Ten minutes later, she comes downstairs wearing my clothes.


She has rolled up the hem of her jeans and is wearing a T-shirt and a plain white shirt.

Naturally, it was a bit loose, but it looked good in its own way.


"Wow, that looks good on you."

"Really? Thanks."


I'm sure I'll be able to avoid being questioned. Maybe.

"Let's get going."

"Hey, why are you holding my arm like that?"

"It's a date. It's perfectly normal."

"It's not a date. We're going shopping."

Reina always loves to tease me.

I'm sure she finds my reactions amusing.


I didn't really want to be seen, so I drove to an outlet mall that I don't usually go to.


Of course, Reina would only go into gal's clothing stores that I've obviously never set foot in.

Maiko also wore revealing clothes, but they were more mature in design and more relaxed in color.


"Hey, which do you think is better, this or this?"


There was a long, slouchy dress that showed off her shoulders, and a tight-fitting knit dress with long sleeves.

The style was different, but both were very sexy.

I'm sure it's just an old man's way of thinking when looking at these clothes.


"I think they both look good on you."

"Huh? That's too generic. Choose properly."


I thought I gave a safe answer, but it seemed to be not well received.

"Wouldn't a nice knit dress be better?"


I mean, it's not too revealing.


"That's right. I thought so too."


Reina smiled.

Seeing her happy smile, I smiled along with her.

Reina somehow has the power to make people feel at ease.


After that, she dragged me along with her on her shopping spree.

But it wasn't bad to be greeted with a "Thank you!" every time I went to pay the bill.

When I think back, Maiko never really thanked me that much when I bought her something.


"Okay, here's the next stop."


She pointed to a lingerie store.


"Hey... I can't go in there. You'll have to pick one yourself."

"Ehh~? Come and help me choose."

"Are you messing with me?"

"No, I'm not. Come on, let's go."


She pulled me by the arm and forced me into the store.

There were colourful underwear displayed all over the place, making it extremely awkward.


"Hey, which do you think is better, this or this?"

"Both are good. I'll get you both."

"What? Don't just say it without even looking."

I had no choice but to raise my head and check.




What Reina held in her hands was a pair of string-like underwear that covered almost no area.


"How can either of these be good?"

"No, that's not right. That's not what a high school girl should be wearing!"

"It's a joke. If you react like that, it's as if you've completely lost."


Then she picks up another one.


"This one, actually. What do you think?"

She was holding a black fabric with fluttering lace and a floral pattern with many parts that were strangely see-through.

It was still flashy and erotic enough, but it was a lot better than the mostly string underwear I had seen earlier.


"I don't know anything about it. It's not something I would see anyway, so buy what you want. You'll need backups, so buy as many as you need."

"I don't really know. Maybe I'll catch Chino-san's eye?"

I brush Reina aside with my hand as she smiles at me.

If only She wasn't so annoying and troublesome, she'd be a much better person...


"Or do you prefer polka dots, striped patterns, and other loli-like designs?"

"Why do you care what I like or dislike?"

"You don't think I like this kind of boring stuff, do you? That's a little offensive."

"Is it time for me to get mad?"


When I finally finished shopping, I felt exhausted.


It was a bit much to return home right away.

"I'm tired, let's take a rest and go home."


"I heard from a friend that there's a great place! It's five thousand yen for three hours, and they have soft beds and baths with various functions!"


"It's not 'go to sleep' it's 'rest'. We're going to a coffee shop for some coffee."


I could no longer muster the energy to get angry, so I just let it slide.

Consider Becoming a Patron To Recieve Advanced Chapters and Motivate me to continue Translating